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Springfield IL DMV Drivers License Suspension Attorney

Helping You Protect Your Driving Privileges

For most people accused of DUI, the penalty that has the biggest impact on their lives is the driver's license suspension. At Bryant Law Office in Springfield, Illinois, we have 20 years of experience that we put to use protecting our clients' driving privileges. We will work hard to help you keep your driver's license.

A Surprisingly Complex Process

At the time of a DUI arrest, an accused driver has a choice. They can either take the breathalyzer test, or refuse the breathalyzer test. If the driver takes the test and fails, they are subject to an immediate six month driver's license suspension. If the driver refuses to take the test, the suspension will be for 12 months. For a second offense, drivers face a one year suspension if they fail the test, and three years if they refuse. First offenders may be eligible for a permit that allows them to drive while their case is pending.

If the actual drunk driving case is lost, there will be a minimum 12 month driver's license suspension. If this happens, there are no driving permits allowed. The convicted driver simply cannot drive. After the 12 months has passed, the driver has to jump through many hoops and may have to pay for an ignition interlock device to be placed in their car before they can drive again.

Our Goal: To Take the Complexity Out of the Process

The driver's license suspension issue is not handled in criminal court. It is a separate civil issue handled by the DMV that has its own set of rules. Our attorneys know these rules.

We go into driver's license suspension hearings with one goal in mind: We want to take the complexity out of the process by preventing your license from being suspended at all. We want you to keep your driving privileges.

Contact Us for a Consultation — Flat Rate Services are Available

Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss drunk driving defense with an experienced lawyer. Evening, weekend and at-home visits are available by appointment.

We charge a flat rate for our legal representation in some DUI driver's license suspension cases.

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