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Springfield IL Attorneys Stop Debt Collection Harassment

Are You Ready to Stop Creditor Harassment?

When it comes to debt collection, creditors can be ruthless. Yes, there are laws in place that outline what creditors can and cannot do, but creditors and the debt collection agencies they employ frequently disobey these laws.

Some of the harassing debt collection techniques they may use include:

  • Calling you over and over again at all hours of the day, at work and at home
  • Making threats about what they will do if you don't pay your bills
  • Contacting coworkers, neighbors and family members about your debt

At Bryant Law Office in Springfield, Illinois, we have 20 years of experience. We use our experience to put a stop to creditor harassment.

Stop Creditor Harassment by Filing Bankruptcy

When Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay goes into place. This stay is an order to creditors to stop all debt collection actions.

Our attorneys know that creditors won't always get the memo. That's fine. We'll contact them, making it clear to them that the bankruptcy process has been initiated and they need to stop contacting you. Usually, that's all it takes.

What If The Harassment Doesn't Stop?

Once in a while, a creditor will try to push their debt collection mission to the limit. Even though they are legally required to stop all activities after bankruptcy has been filed, they may continue with the harassment.

We may have to take the matter to court. Our lawyers will move quickly, filing the appropriate motions to see that the issue is resolved. The court may place additional sanctions on the creditor, making them pay if they continue with the harassment.

Contact Us for a Consultation — Flat Rate Services are Available

Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss creditor harassment prevention with an experienced attorney. Evening, weekend and at-home visits are available by appointment.

We charge a flat rate for our legal representation in bankruptcy matters.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.

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